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Swindon Borough Council is in the process of carrying out a large scale refurbishment to the Waterside site with the aim of increasing access to the site.

The council said staff at the centre were sorting the waste and the skips will return once the latest round of work is completed.

“The recycling centre is currently undergoing major improvement works, which includes extending the site and road surface and drainage projects,” said a spokesman.

“To allow this work to take place the recycling skips have been temporarily removed, but the waste at the site continues to be separated and sorted.

“The skips will be moved back into place once this work has been completed.”

The work being carried out on the recycling centre will see overall capacity increase from 40 to 100 vehicles at any one time

All Pump Solutions put in a 3.6m dia x 5.6 m deep wet well and valve chamber incorporating factory fitted ductile pipework and epoxy coated valves.  Along with a Form 2 control panel to operate the specialist knife cutting pumps.

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