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The Problem

Situated in the heart of The Fens, the Ouse Washes constitute the largest area of washland in the UK. The reserve attracts a diverse range bird breeds throughout both the summer and winter months, including Snipe, Lapwings and Redshank.

It is therefore of paramount importance that the water levels in the washes remain at optimum levels all year round. If ditch water levels fall below their optimum, the feeding and breeding habits of certain species are likely to be disrupted, resulting in an overall decline in the numbers of these bird breeds in the area.

Our Solution

The primary objective of the Ouse Washes Habitat Creation Project is to fulfil the UK Government’s legal obligation to replace wet grassland habitat in order to offset the deterioration of the Ouse Washes and the impact of that deterioration on breeding waders and wintering wigeon. This objective will be achieved through the installation of an APS pumping system and bespoke controls, which will pump water stored in the lake into the main habitat area during the drier spring and summer months. It will also be possible to use the pump to irrigate the raised habitat that is to be created on the landscaped land that lies south of the lake.


  • Silt removal of the rock gabion filter by means of reverse flow valves and controls
  • Silt removal from the pump chamber with bleed valves 

Picture shows the installation works in progress





case study
case study

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