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The Problem

Set in the unspoilt Buxton hillside of Yorkshire, the new plant for Nestle-owned Buxton Water urgently required a complete pumping solution. Due to the complexities of the system required, no satisfactory solution had been offered by any other company. When All Pump Solutions were approached for a design solution, time was already running out.

The daily wash down of the water bottling facility not only requires pumping out 200,000 litres per hour, but also involves the safe treatment and discharge of a combination of chemicals necessary for the process and for the hygienic cleansing of the plant.

The final discharge is of critical importance. It is essential that this process does not have a negative effect upon the pure waters of the nearby lake or on the natural ecology of the surrounding countryside. Nestlé’s aim is to delight our consumers by providing safe, high-quality and responsibly produced food and beverages. This aim cannot be achieved without the implementation an effective and sustainable process by which to treat and discharge chemicals.

Our Solution

The consulting team at All Pump Solutions designed a complete package. This incorporates 3 pumps, each pumping at 28 litres per second once the water has been monitored and treated by the chemical dosing system.

The controls are designed to continually monitor all incoming and discharge water ensuring the protection of the environment.

case study
case study

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