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Introducing APS Javelin pumps, designed to meet the high end specifications set out in today’s market.

Javelin presents a large portfolio of effluent and sewage pumps and systems which demonstrate the height of innovation in this sector. Our comprehensive range of sewage pumps includes vortex, single, channel, grinder, cutter and chopper pumps to cover all applications.

Offering cutting edge technology to meet the current market demands and reduce downtime.

Designed to outperform current leading brands.


Installed and operating successfully
in over 3000 APS applications



Anti Clogging

Large free passage

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As standard the motor housing is cooled by the surrounding liquid. Pumps of 22 kW and up have the option of a cooling jacket with forced circulation of cooling liquid. Insulation class: F (155°C) – Protection degree IP68.


Compact mounting, reduced loads, better performances and extended life-time are the result of the small projection of the spindle and of the mechanically blocked lower ball bearing.

Radial, single row ball, closed with permanent lubrication.

Radial oblique, double row ball, closed with permanent lubrication


Pumps up to 5,5kW have thermal overload switches embedded in the winding as standard.
A moisture sensor inserted into the mechanical seal housing detects possible infiltration of the liquid and transmits a signal to an adequate control panel, thus allowing a prompt and efficient maintenance.

Mechanical seal

Double mechanical seals in the oil chamber optimise both lubrication and cooling.
The seal is located in the liquid side as standard and is made out of silicon carbide


Our extensive industrial and application expertise, combined with our broad offering of state-of-the-art products, enable us to deliver superior, customized solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications.
Suitable for domestic, residential, industrial, agricultural and civil drainage and wastewater sewage uses: dewatering; sump drainage, effluent and sewage; ponds, construction, mines, reclamation, swimming pools, basements and flooded areas, stormwaters, irrigation, stock breeding, food beverage, for waste, sewage and washwater for single and several households and public buildings, for building sites also partially dry, for continuous and heavy duties for most types of fluids also with bodies in suspension in water treatment plants, brackish waters, dirty waters, sludge, industrial processes.