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Sewers for Adoption

The complete adoptable pumping station solution provider

Sewers for Adoption is to ensure that the developer builds to a required standard and quality. To achieve “adoption” of a sewage pumping station, the specification, build and installation of the system would have to be compliant with Local Water Company specifications

All pump solutions in collaboration with water boards are able to offer clients a complete Design-to-Adoption package to streamline the process of installing Sewers For Adoption pumping stations. With a team of in-house technical engineers and installation engineers, all pump solutions handles the detailed design of the systems and will carry out all the approval processes with the water authority in question. All pump solutions will take care of the installation and commissioning of the chambers, valves and flow meter to the point of final adoption handover to the Water Authority.

This reduces the number of contractors involved in the design, approval, construction and handover of Adoptable pumping Stations and making it a much easier solution for our clients.

We also offer a 6 monthly service and GSM monitoring system so that you can know that the pumping station is being continually monitored by all pump solutions until adoption by the local water authority.