GRP Package Pumping Stations

APS GRP pumping stations have a life expectancy in excess of 50 years, carrying a 25 year warranty.

APS pumping station have a smooth resin rich internal finish to aid good flow and hygienic disposal of effluents to avoid smells and septicity.

Each APS station passes rigorous and detailed testing, inspection and factory production control assessment.

With 50 years of technical innovation and progress, the GRP chambers are designed in accordance with BS 4994/BS EN 976 and are filament wound by the technically advanced chop hoop filament winding process.

This process produces not only circumferential strength as found in helical wound tanks, but also, high longitudinal strength. Being manufactured in glass reinforced plastics, our chambers our light, easy to handle and easy to install.

‘We are dedicated to providing each client with the right product to suit your specific needs. Whether you are seeking a bespoke system or an off the shelf pump or package, if you’d like to discuss with with our technical team, Request a quote >.

Burial Depths
Structurally engineered by design to accommodate any burial depth and water table in capacities of 300,000 litres and more. Burial Depths DOC214 Installation Data Manual

Tank Sizes

Vertical and Horizontal Pumping stations – “Our selection of tanks is unmatched, with a vast choice of sizes and capacities always available”.


APS Horizontal Range Options

Model    Diameter    Capacity
H12         1.2m              1,000L – 10,000L
H15         1.5m              2,500L – 50,000L
H18         1.8m              4,000L – 40,000L
H25         2.5m              6,000L – 70,000L
H26         2.6m              13,000L – 100,000L
H30         3.0m              13,000L – 100,000L
H35         3.5m              60,000L – 200,000L
H40         4.0m              100,000L – 300,000L

APS Vertical Range Options 

Model    Diameter    Depth

V10         1.0m             1m to 6m
V12         1.2m             1m to 8m
V15         1.5m             1m to 6m
V18         1.8m             1m to 8m
V25         2.5m             1m to 6m
V26         2.6m             1m to 8m
V30         3.0m             1m to 6m
V35         3.5m             1m to 8m
V40         4.0m             1m to 6m

Bespoke tanks are also available.