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Technical Drawings – APS vertical range options

  • V200 – 1200mm dia. x 1m to 4m deep
  • V300 1800mm dia. x 2m to 6m deep
  • V400 2600mm dia. x 2m to 7m deep
  • V500 3500mm dia. x 3m to 8m deep
  • V600 4000mm dia. x 3m to 8m deep

Technical Drawings – APS horizontal range options

  • H200 1200mm dia. x 9m long
  • H300 1800mm dia. x 3m to 16m long
  • H400 2600mm dia. x 4m to 17m long
  • H500 3500mm dia. x 7m to 21m long
  • H600 4000mm dia. x 8m to 22m long

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