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The Septapump® – Patent no. GB2455210

The Septapump® is a unique concept combining an oil separator and pumping station, cutting down on excavation and site space. It has been used for projects such as the Birse Rail, Rugeley by-pass project and the Power Stations at Isle of Grain and Staythorpe. The Septapump® is comprised of two, three or four pumps which deliver up to 800 litres per second. All have cast iron and stainless steel pipework pre-installed in the factory prior to delivery, leaving only a simple commissioning visit required on site.

Overview of tank and pump solution

Access Covers and Frames - large stocks available in all duties and sizes
Baffle wall
Smooth resin rich, corrosion free internal surface prevents solids build up.
Guide Rail System for easily locatable pump installation.
Cast iron ball valves.
Cast iron gate valves and spindles.
Sleeved outlet connection
Sump to minimise the floor area optimise geometries to and eliminate solids build up.
Submersible pumps to suit the requirements.
Ultrasonic level control.
Automatic flush valve shoots a powerful jet stream of water around the entire pump station at the beginning of each pumping cycle.
Float switch level control with optional stilling tubes.
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