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1,000 to 300,000L capacity
APS Horizontal Range Options APS Vertical Range Options
Model Diameter Capacity Model Diameter Depth
H12 1.2m 1,000-10,000L V10 1.0m 1m to 6m
H15 1.5m 2,500-50,000L V12 1.5m 1m to 8m
H18 1.8m 4,000-40,000L V15 1.8m 1m to 6m
H25 2.5m 6,000-70,000L V18 1.8m 1m to 8m
H26 2.6m 13,000-100,000L V25 2.5m 1m to 6m
H30 3.0m 13,000-100,000L V26 2.6m 1m to 8m
H35 3.5m 60,000-200,000L V30 3.0m 1m to 6m
H40 4.0m 100,000-300,000L V35 3.5m 1m to 8m
V40 4.0m 1m to 6m